Episode 339: This Is (Not) Us

Fro has a divorce update! Jack is wearing a shirt with Chris Pratt on it, and Red is oddly interested in it Boston Calling 2017 lineup is revealed, and it’s all forms of epic La-La-Land won all the Golden Globe awards Meryl Streep vs. Mel Gibson vs. Vince Vaughn vs. Trump supporters vs. Elvis […]

Episode 279

Love is the law – Gay marriage is legal across the US! Milestones that occurred during Obama’s presidency Noel Gallagher rips apart a local Boston band Proper usage of the word “cunt” Mike can finally dish on Fallout 4 Video game companion apps Early reviews for Terminator Genisys are not good Patsy Cline is […]

Episode 26

Generic names from the 90’s / MC Lars / Kate’s dad vs. Facebook / Jack mispronounces “Junior Seau” / Guns N’ Roses STILL sucks / Homeless people in Boston / Snoop Dogg and Oasis / Jim Carrey got fat / The Cracked.com pirated version of Windows 7 story / Saw – the video game / […]

Episode 21

New show intro / Kate is on 4chan again / Sex prayer / The boy who cries blood and the girl who cries glass / World’s BIGGEST zit popped / Black Zach calls us / Fro tells his epic lunch tale on Woofer