Episode 284

“REEKRIS! Motherfuckin’ bootleg fireworks SHIT!” Videos of the Tianjin Explosion Mishaps with fireworks Disney movie sequels announced at D23 Insane Beauty and the Beast theory leads to a debate between Red and Fro

The Man from UNCLE is decent Luke Skywalker is now Obi-Wan Kenobi The God-awful Tom Brady courtroom sketch Jack hate […]

Episode 57

Big Red is here / Fro is educated on the “New Coke” / Kate’s mom got drunk (with audio) / Bret Michaels is a mess / Singers’ annoying breathing in songs / School dances / TV dads are complete assholes / Cokie the Clown’s “piss de resistance” / Little kid tries to say “chocolate,” says […]

Episode 50

It’s our 50th episode and one year anniversary of Talk Radio Meltdown! / Demick O’Brien is co-hosting the show / Dave Wooten joins us for the first time in six months / The reason why Fro missed two weeks of shows / Fro’s hot ex-girlfriend / Jack finally did his taxes / The Oregon Trail […]