Episode 6

Wooter is late/Jack supports Swine Flu/Cannibal Holocaust/Old guy sues over a shrub/Skull fucking/Obama has lunch at a burger joint/Incidents involving amusement parks and children/Anal sex/The show goes downhill after 10:15

Episode 3

Wooter is late/Yen v. $$/Hawk calls in/Kate in Penthouse?/Dead Sports People/MENERGY/Cloning/The 10PM Youtube Hour – Christianu2ber, Angry German Kid/Anthony Powell – Religion Sucks/Obama’s New Dog/Porn on PSP/Methods of Suicide

Episode 2

Scary Jesus Kid/Obama Chia Pet/Peter Griffin Calls In/Conficker chart/Jack teabags a laptop/The economy/Cop is fired for eating vagina cocaine/Old guy stink bombs cars