Episode 184

The aftermath of Winter Blizzard Typhoon Hurricane Storm Nemo didn’t stop us from doing a radio show, though we might have been slightly delayed by witnessing the official Talk Radio Meltdown truck get shot up by the LAPD and/or the Pope.

Worst Week Ever – 3/13/11

Well, if you live in Japan, it¬†certainly¬†was the worst week ever. Here’s what we did this week:

Episode 96 – When Kate learned about how a certain type of fungus in Brazil has been found to basically turn ants in to zombies, she creamed herself. Jack also creamed himself, after reading the story about the world’s youngest grandmother, who’s only 23 years old.

RadioYou Boston Podcast 3/11/11 – Rarely has a show ever been done in the midst of an ongoing international event, such as the catastrophe in Japan. That sentiment didn’t stop Jack from ragging all over the situation seconds in to the show.

Episode 96

Back up in your ass with the resurrection. Kate has a crippled friend that she loves to rag on; not as bad as how we rag on Charlie Sheen, however. We all freak out – well mostly, Kate – when we learn that a form of zombifying fungi was found in Brazil. If the world gets overrun with zombies, just know that Talk Radio Meltdown will be here to guide you through the mess. Also, we talk about the world’s youngest grandmother. She’s 23, and kinda hot.