Episode 184

The aftermath of Winter Blizzard Typhoon Hurricane Storm Nemo didn’t stop us from doing a radio show, though we might have been slightly delayed by witnessing the official Talk Radio Meltdown truck get shot up by the LAPD and/or the Pope.

Worst Week Ever – 3/13/11

Well, if you live in Japan, it certainly was the worst week ever. Here’s what we did this week:

Episode 96 – When Kate learned about how a certain type of fungus in Brazil has been found to basically turn ants in to zombies, she creamed herself. Jack also creamed himself, after reading the story […]

Episode 96

Back up in your ass with the resurrection. Kate has a crippled friend that she loves to rag on; not as bad as how we rag on Charlie Sheen, however. We all freak out – well mostly, Kate – when we learn that a form of zombifying fungi was found in Brazil. If the world […]