Episode 280

America vs. the Confederate flag Jack doesn’t trust Uber Unfinished video games Red’s on a salad kick James “Red” Park goes to the casino, vol. 8 Old habits – Fro spends the show playing Oregon Trail

Donald Trump is a joke Carlton joins AFV Paris Hilton gets pranked Idiot gets mad at his […]

Episode 75

Episode 75, a quarter milestone / Jack and Fro’s angry lesbian computer teacher from elementary school / You have died of dysentery / Waterboarding / Sun Chips are dumping the loud bag, thus killing our replacement when Kate isn’t available for the show / Steve Harvey gets black on “Family Feud” / “The Munsters” revival […]

Episode 50

It’s our 50th episode and one year anniversary of Talk Radio Meltdown! / Demick O’Brien is co-hosting the show / Dave Wooten joins us for the first time in six months / The reason why Fro missed two weeks of shows / Fro’s hot ex-girlfriend / Jack finally did his taxes / The Oregon Trail […]