Episode 263

The last show of 2014 – for real Kate agreed to a foursome Kid calls 911 over the PlayStation Network outage

Red has never seen Borat We all got Simpsons-themed Christmas gifts An intense debate over hot dogs Christine Cavanaugh died Kate hates Courage the Cowardly Dog 2014 sucked

The trouble with […]

Episode 104

Stuff happened, along with things. We talked about the news, because surely you haven’t been oversaturated with it already. Also, Fallout.

Episode 103

Voice-actor MAURICE LAMARCHE joined us for an interview! It was awesome. You must listen to this. Also, Red mixed that MiO “Liquid Water Enhancer” stuff to a shot of Jack Daniels; the result was disgusting.

Episode 46

An okay show. / Mike gets in trouble at home because of our website / Angry Gamestop customer calls 911 on Kate for bad service / The PlayStation Network goes down, and we get into a long discussion about video games / Cross-talk with The Jersey Jerks Show