Episode 10

TsimFuckis/New computer virus/Liquor store stings/E3 – Rock Band Beatles, Left 4 Dead 2, PSP Go, and more/Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show/Eminem and Bruno/JD Salinger sues over “Catcher in the Rye” ripoff/Twitter causes problems for everyone

Episode 5

Mindless Banter/Tony Danza/Swine Flu/Wooter Has A Lot of Sports/Microsoft Vine – Twitter for Emergencies/London Beer Flood/Stump The Hole

Episode 3

Wooter is late/Yen v. $$/Hawk calls in/Kate in Penthouse?/Dead Sports People/MENERGY/Cloning/The 10PM Youtube Hour – Christianu2ber, Angry German Kid/Anthony Powell – Religion Sucks/Obama’s New Dog/Porn on PSP/Methods of Suicide