RadioYou Boston Podcast – 12/10/10

Oh boy. Have fun sifting through the shit-storm of awkward.

Episode 32

CHOP SUEY + TALK RADIO MELTDOWN – our in-studio appearance at WBOS 92.2 HD-2, RadioYou Boston / Episode 31.5 – Liliana Moreno / Europe / Brazil FINALLY gets the PlayStation 2 / Fro’s own laptop died / Life before Facebook and Myspace / Jack had a bad experience at Ihop / Hidden innuendos in cartoons

Episode 29

Kate’s car accident / RadioYou debut / Jack and Kate’s sex life / Fingering your own urethra / Kate reads a sexy story / Man arrested for being naked in his own home / Heavily-advertises fast food joints that are nowhere near us / Muscle Kid / Mia Bangg is disgusting