Episode 272

Making his annual appearance on the show – former Fro-host, Chris Froment! “Rode”-testing the new Rode Procaster microphones Jack wants a vasectomy Years later, Fro is still a jerk to people Going nuts over the Star Wars and Batman v Superman trailers Dennis Quaid’s fake freakout WTF is a Freemason?

Converse Rubber Tracks […]

Episode 57

Big Red is here / Fro is educated on the “New Coke” / Kate’s mom got drunk (with audio) / Bret Michaels is a mess / Singers’ annoying breathing in songs / School dances / TV dads are complete assholes / Cokie the Clown’s “piss de resistance” / Little kid tries to say “chocolate,” says […]

Episode 22

Our friends Fillers and Tarara are here / Michael Jackson / Obama pisses stupid people off / Fro’s ex-girlfriend / Jon and Kate hate each other / Paul McCartney trash talks Rock Band Beatles / The Garfield porn story / Tila Tequila sucks / Man gets called a pervert for taking harmless pictures of his […]