Episode 297

Nate Fillers is back! Jack and Kate have a big announcement! America’s Funniest Home Videos, starring Carlton Banks The Fappening: Never forget

Macauly Culkin reprises Kevin McCallister role for “DRYVRS” An hour into the show, Jack finally welcomes Fillers Update on Upstairs Douche You’re getting fat GO SEE STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS […]

Episode 230

Our old friend Nate Fillers joins us while we celebrate five years of Talk Radio Meltdown!

Episode 194

“Last one to fall, first one to go up! Fuck all y’all.” – 7 World Trade Center

Episode 47

If you have a Formspring account, then you are gay / Crazy Telemarketer Lady vs. Drew Pickles / Vector Marketing / Ladies of the Grafton High School class of 2006 / Awkward sex moments / 10 Masturbatory Situations / Jack’s financial problems / The Goatse video / Guys with chick names / The TV edit […]