Episode 333: Jokes

The long-awaited return of Nate Fillers! The Rolling List of “Holy Shit” expands: Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro and Ron Glass Jack makes Red’s wedding planning an awkward affair Recapping all the malarkey you might have missed in Episode 332 Jack doesn’t know what a Squatty Potty is Never question Fro’s fecal pride Nate plugs […]

Episode 121

Dear Fro.

I am sorry that I threw a CD case directly at your face during our heated discussion about terrorism.

– Jack

PS – We played more tracks from Nate Filler’s “Sbassbear” project, as well as fucked up porn.

Episode 113

Kate and Jack spoil the new Harry Potter movie early on in this show… we still encourage you to listen, though. Nate Fillers joined us during the second-half of the program to debut music from his Sbassbear project. We also happily discussed Nickelodeon’s new “The 90’s Are All That” block.