Episode 316

We spend the entire episode ripping all over what is considered the worst episode of the Star Trek franchise; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S1E10 (E9 if you’re on Netflix) “Move Along Home.”

Episode 314

(Excuse the clipping audio at the beginning; processor gate fail!) Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died, and the news broke shortly before recording of this episode began Jack v Deer – Dawn of a New Car Bumper Reviving Worcester Kelley Square, Worcester – The worst intersection in the world E3 2016, in which everything […]

Episode 313

Jack does not enjoy bacon treats Recapping Mike’s wedding Boston folks will tell you that Mike’s Pastry isn’t actually the best Throwback: The jizz jet at the Rammstein show Chik-fil-A assists in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting Kate’s dad wants a Star Trek-themed room