Episode 316

We spend the entire episode ripping all over what is considered the worst episode of the Star Trek franchise; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S1E10 (E9 if you’re on Netflix) “Move Along Home.”

Episode 314

(Excuse the clipping audio at the beginning; processor gate fail!) Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died, and the news broke shortly before recording of this episode began Jack v Deer – Dawn of a New Car Bumper Reviving Worcester Kelley Square, Worcester – The worst intersection in the world E3 2016, in which everything […]

Episode 313

Jack does not enjoy bacon treats Recapping Mike’s wedding Boston folks will tell you that Mike’s Pastry isn’t actually the best Throwback: The jizz jet at the Rammstein show Chik-fil-A assists in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting Kate’s dad wants a Star Trek-themed room

Episode 303

Red and Fro celebrate St. Patrick’s Day The infamous “foreskin story” from Episode 93 is replayed and dissected Red updates his iPhone

An update on Chumlee from Pawn Stars Jack became a Trekkie Kurtwood Smith plays an asshole Mahky Mahk What were the first CDs we ever bought? Charlton, Mass. police warn of […]