Episode 283

  • Mike Tarara is getting married!
  • Fallout Shelter finally hits Android
  • Jack understands Star Wars references now
  • Jack and Kate finally experience In-n-Out while in San Diego
  • Stephen Colbert’s send-off to Jon Stewart
  • China blew up
  • Fantastic Four is apparently a terrible movie
  • Bill Cosby’s semen is like “holy water”
  • Recapping the US Air Guitar Championships

Episode 260

  • Mike is here, so we can finally talk about the Star Wars trailer
  • Movie trailers have their own trailers now
  • Terminator: Genisys looks bad
  • The Verve Pipe vs. The Verve

  • Greg Ginn is a jerk
  • Christopher Walken calls Xbox Live customer support
  • Brian Williams slow jams the news on Fallon

  • Angry man throws his McChicken at his wife
  • The cast of Suicide Squad is amazing
  • Sony got hacked again

Episode 184

The aftermath of Winter Blizzard Typhoon Hurricane Storm Nemo didn’t stop us from doing a radio show, though we might have been slightly delayed by witnessing the official Talk Radio Meltdown truck get shot up by the LAPD and/or the Pope.