Episode 343: La-La-Land vs. Moonlight vs. The Terminator

RIP Bill Paxton Mike thoroughly enjoyed John Wick Suicide Squad won an Oscar The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting unanimous praise The Great Awards Show Mishap of Aught Seventeen For the first time since Episode 41, the weekly “Fuck You!” Recapping the 2017 Great American Party A terrible drummer for […]

Episode 321

The male travesty that is sitting down to take a leak No Man’s Sky: Don’t believe the reviews, buy it! The continuing backlash against Suicide Squad New Green Day song “Bang Bang” sounds like old Green Day Red derails the Green Day track to reveal his Talk Radio Meltdown tattoo

RIP Kenny Baker […]

Episode 320

Happy birthday, Brittany Goofylastname! Hiding a dick in a tattoo Actresses that got hotter with age STOP LISTENING AND WATCH STRANGER THINGS ON NETFLIX 90-year-old man solicits a 48-year-old hooker, doesn’t give a fuck The curious tale of Kevin the Con, formerly Kevin the Ex-Con Fro’s divorce is taking forever Suicide Squad is “fun,” […]