Episode 46

An okay show. / Mike gets in trouble at home because of our website / Angry Gamestop customer calls 911 on Kate for bad service / The PlayStation Network goes down, and we get into a long discussion about video games / Cross-talk with The Jersey Jerks Show

Episode 45

Mike got a haircut and looks less like a pedophile now / Dunkin Donuts is full of fail / Blue Guy vs. Blue Man Group / Arnold Schwarzenneger / Inspector Gadget falls victim to the bad economy / Nickelback vs. the pickle / Jack’s life sucks / Stop & Shop goes on strike – sucks […]

Episode 39

Our first Sweet101Rocks show / Demick is here / Kate has a hot co-worker / The “Where Are Your Brains” video that we use in all of our production / Jack and Kate lack sports knowledge / Comic book movies / 4chan and YouTube / Someone calls to talk about 4chan memes / Fro’s epic […]