Episode 279

Love is the law – Gay marriage is legal across the US! Milestones that occurred during Obama’s presidency Noel Gallagher rips apart a local Boston band Proper usage of the word “cunt” Mike can finally dish on Fallout 4 Video game companion apps Early reviews for Terminator Genisys are not good Patsy Cline is […]

Episode 261

Red is finally considering watching a movie trailer Terminator 5 will kill Matt Smith’s career There are sequels to Jingle All the Way and A Christmas Story

Jack’s iPhone hates him You need to see Birdman Who played the better Batman? Kate dissects Titanic

Washed-up bands playing at casinos Awesome people are […]

Episode 260

Mike is here, so we can finally talk about the Star Wars trailer Movie trailers have their own trailers now Terminator: Genisys looks bad The Verve Pipe vs. The Verve

Greg Ginn is a jerk Christopher Walken calls Xbox Live customer support Brian Williams slow jams the news on Fallon

Angry man […]