Episode 120

Well, we survived the hurricane. Things pertaining to poop, male genitalia, and stoners were discussed. Do listen, and do enjoy.

Episode 63

Attack of the rabid Easter bunny / Kate talks about semen / Cosmopolitan and Fat people / Awesome car chase in Boston / Steven Cliffe calls us – http://thestevencliffeshow.com / Human Centipede / Dumb retail stories / Drugged-up couple tries to sell baby at Wal-Mart / Kate hates working in retail

Episode 55

No apartment for Jack and Kate / Strippers and tax write-offs / M. Night Shyamalan’s awful movies / The Human Centipede / Joquain Phoenix is a nutcase / Jack goes back to college / Asian Scooby Doo / MAC & CHEESE IS FUCKING AMAZING / That God-awful Kars 4 Kids ad / Betty White hosting […]