Episode 244

Epic “Name That Tune” fail on Good Morning New York with an uncensored DMX song Kate tells a tale of good parenting Britney Spears’ “Alien” before auto-tune sounds like bad karaoke Nicole’s mom is still pretty hot Kate gets really involved in television shows The “Ketchup Mustard” crack-whore video Orange is the New Black […]

Episode 178 (aka Episode 180-2)

Oh, here it is.

Episode 176

“Hi, I’m Angus T. Jones. I make $350,000 per week, but my life sucks, as do my employers, and my job. Chuck Lorre eats children, Holland Taylor is actually Jabba the Hutt, post-Atkins, and Jon Cryer is a closeted homosexual. Please don’t watch my show – i.e., the only thing I’ve done with my life, […]

RadioYou Boston Show – 5/20/11

Randy Savage. lol