Episode 304

We interviewed Jake Nodar and talked about his episode of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel! Batman v Superman – Ehhhhh…. The hype behind Negan on The Walking Dead DC versus Marvel Dave Grohl tries to save a local metal band from the UK Microsoft created a Holocaust-denying robot Man arrested for failing […]

Episode 255

Foo Fighters are spending an entire week on Letterman’s show Ebola and ISIS

Hey Dude Jack doesn’t listen to Kate The Walking Dead is back Kate has a beautiful supervisor

Colleen defends her love for Nickleback Seth Rogen found the guy that canceled Freaks and Geeks Siri is a creep

Walker Stalker Con 2014

Walker Stalker Con 2014 visited Boston in June, and we were fortunate enough to score some passes and conduct some great interviews! Mike Tarara, his girlfriend Sara, and Big Red had the chance to speak with:

Randy from Stronghold Airsoft in Abington, Mass. who curates an annual “zombie survival event” at his course Nick Gomez […]

Episode 188

Bring it, North Korea!