Episode 267

The New England blizzards that never stop Kate wants a dog Red hurt himself fixing a leak Tales from the emergency room

Zombie Cat is still alive The Two and a Half Men finale was awful Jack recaps the SNL 40th anniversary episode

Episode 176

“Hi, I’m Angus T. Jones. I make $350,000 per week, but my life sucks, as do my employers, and my job. Chuck Lorre eats children, Holland Taylor is actually Jabba the Hutt, post-Atkins, and Jon Cryer is a closeted homosexual. Please don’t watch my show – i.e., the only thing I’ve done with my life, […]

Episode 123

Actor and figment of Jack’s childhood, Mike O’Malley, left us a voicemail about coming on the show. We can’t wait to have him on. Also, you must listen to this show all the way through; it gets ridiculous.