Episode 349: We Didn’t Start the Fyre

This episode was streamed on Facebook Live, giving listeners the chance to watch four hillbillies talk to one another about their one-sided interests The 2017 US Air Guitar Championships are upon everyone except Jack All the cool kids are posting on Facebook their “9 bands I’ve seen live, 1 is a lie” lists Fyre […]

Episode 284

“REEKRIS! Motherfuckin’ bootleg fireworks SHIT!” Videos of the Tianjin Explosion Mishaps with fireworks Disney movie sequels announced at D23 Insane Beauty and the Beast theory leads to a debate between Red and Fro

The Man from UNCLE is decent Luke Skywalker is now Obi-Wan Kenobi The God-awful Tom Brady courtroom sketch Jack hate […]

Episode 283

Mike Tarara is getting married! Fallout Shelter finally hits Android Jack understands Star Wars references now Jack and Kate finally experience In-n-Out while in San Diego Stephen Colbert’s send-off to Jon Stewart China blew up Fantastic Four is apparently a terrible movie Bill Cosby’s semen is like “holy water” Recapping the US Air Guitar […]