Episode Tree-Fiddy: Richard Horvitz

As part of this program’s 350th mild-stone episode, enjoy an hour-long interview with voice actor Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, Power Rangers, The Angry Beavers!)

“Working with a One-Upper,” as read by celebrity guests #FireColbert Catching up with “The King of CB Radio” Flashback to 2012, when Jack eloquently prank called “Can Man Radio” […]

Episode 336: Does a Menu Count?

The start of this episode was plagued with equipment malfunctions. Enjoy Jack’s silent rage! Carrie Fisher suffers a massive heart attack on a flight WAAF (formerly “The Place We Can’t Talk About”) rejiggers its on-air lineup Tiny Toon Adventures was an animated masterpiece

Talk Radio Meltdown’s Top 10 songs of 2016 The importance […]