Episode 178 (aka Episode 180-2)

Oh, here it is.

Episode 108

As we do every year, we discussed E3, including our thoughts on the new Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Also, we touched upon (for the final time) this on-going radio war that we’ve engaged ourselves in with some kid’s podcast.

Evidently, our friends over at the Steven Cliffe Show caught wind of our […]

Episode 105

Dear dumb 15-year-old with your dumb syndicated radio show where you play dumb Top 40 music and read dumb entertainment news: Ryan Seacrest called; he wants his formula for “How to be a Complete Hack Radio DJ” back. Also on this show: Nu-Thang, Mark Gormley, the supposed “suicide” episode of Spongebob Squarepants, and Dave Wooten […]