Episode 180 (aka Episode 180-0, aka Episode 360/2)

Red embarrassed himself in the Talk Radio Meltdown fantasy football league. He will embarrass himself in Wooter’s 2013 Celebrity Death Pool. Shockingly, though, he was one of the only sober folks at Jack’s New Years Eve drunk-fest.

Episode 61

EARTHQUAKE WARNING – The best video ever, as of right now / Transformers 2 sucked / Miley Cyrus is busted / Girl deletes her boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters – rage ensues / Woman calls 911 because she needs a husband / Fast food jockeys suck / E3 and new video games / Fro has […]

Episode 43

Acc and Jewish Ryan are here / Fro spends the whole show dismantling Jack’s Ed Hardy lighter / Jack hates sports, except the Daytona 500 / The Super Bowl – the ads, and The Who / Adult Swim / The Top 10 Worst Corporate Name Changes / Someone calls us with a great sex story […]