Episode 269

Jack had surgery before the show to fix his broken finger Streaming cable services are taking over The Apple Watch is ridiculous

The Westboro Baptist Church is full of failure This winter sucked The Justin Bieber roast Big Red goes to PAX East

Episode 245

Malaysian Airlines lost another plane, and we are going to Hell for our commentary The DashCon 2014 debacle Jason Biggs is an asshole

Comcast’s public relations disaster

Westboro Baptist Church covers Panic at the Disco WEEI’s Kirk Minihane under fire for calling Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch” Charlie Sheen is still a […]

Episode 187


Episode 123

Actor and figment of Jack’s childhood, Mike O’Malley, left us a voicemail about coming on the show. We can’t wait to have him on. Also, you must listen to this show all the way through; it gets ridiculous.