Episode 269

  • Jack had surgery before the show to fix his broken finger
  • Streaming cable services are taking over
  • The Apple Watch is ridiculous

  • The Westboro Baptist Church is full of failure
  • This winter sucked
  • The Justin Bieber roast
  • Big Red goes to PAX East

Episode 184

The aftermath of Winter Blizzard Typhoon Hurricane Storm Nemo didn’t stop us from doing a radio show, though we might have been slightly delayed by witnessing the official Talk Radio Meltdown truck get shot up by the LAPD and/or the Pope.

Episode 80

Red is co-hosting this mess / The tale of a boy who got his period / The first on-location episode of Talk Radio Meltdown! / Kate’s epic story about a douchebag customer at work / Red and Jack educate you on how radio works / Conan O’Brien and William Shatner on Lopez’ awful show / Scary fat gay kid / Watching videos of on-air news bloopers and meltdowns