Episode 61

EARTHQUAKE WARNING – The best video ever, as of right now / Transformers 2 sucked / Miley Cyrus is busted / Girl deletes her boyfriend’s World of Warcraft characters – rage ensues / Woman calls 911 because she needs a husband / Fast food jockeys suck / E3 and new video games / Fro has […]

Episode 51

Fun times were had / Big Red is cohosting in place of Mike / Funny video of a girl post-wisdom teeth extraction / Awful porn / South Park / Terrible movies vs. awesome movies / Jack and Kate are cheating on each other / Topless March in Maine / Bowling for Soup vs. SR-71 / […]

Episode 27

Kate goes to the zoo and turns the monkeys on / Talk Radio Meltdown on RadioYou Boston / Aimee Osbourne is disgusting / Cocaine in Coca-Cola / Fro needs his wisdom teeth out / Kate and Mike fight over Tony Danza / Fro’s insane neighbor / End of the world / Christopher Walken / Walking […]

Episode 23

Jack gets his wisdom teeth out / Patrick Swayze died / Banging Kate’s sister / Jack’s doctor yells at him off-the-air / Suicide bridge in China covered in butter / Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the VMA’s / Tibetan burial rituals involving vultures / Awkward Moments with George Plimpton / Kate and Fro host […]