Video Episode 1

This is our first attempt at recording a video podcast. This episode is exclusive to our YouTube page, as well as our website; you will not find it on our iTunes feed. We mainly discussed the Golden Globes. Enjoy staring at our ugly faces!

If the video above is unavailable, or if you just […]

Episode 76

Dave Wooten joins us for the whole show! / Weezer and the top ten greatest rock operas / A tale of fan-fiction gone wrong / Justin Bieber ruins the new “Bill & Ted” movie / Yet another kid films himself trying to fight the internet and puts it on YouTube / Banksy’s opening sequence for […]

Episode 54

Kate’s car failed inspection / Gas stations ripping you off / Our friend Will and his ridiculous Facebook status updates / TsimFuckis… again / Water emergency in Boston / Super condiments / Tofu / Chinese man dies after an eel eats his bowels / New Alien prequel / Bungie fucked up with the Halo Reach […]