Episode 185

Jack and Red discussed the Oscar’s, without actually having watched them. They were too busy preparing for the ensuing zombie apocalypse that has begun in Montana.

Episode 161

Following a two-week break and a brief moment of fear when we realized he might not have our new call-in number, CHRIS JONES (designer of the “Tex Murphy” video game series) joined us for an HOUR-LONG interview! He’s a pretty classy guy, and very strict when it comes to downloadable content. You’ll have to listen […]

Worst Week Ever – 3/13/11

Well, if you live in Japan, it certainly was the worst week ever. Here’s what we did this week:

Episode 96 – When Kate learned about how a certain type of fungus in Brazil has been found to basically turn ants in to zombies, she creamed herself. Jack also creamed himself, after reading the story […]