TRM’s Money Shots – May 2012

We didn’t do too much during the month of May; we all got drunk at a bar broadcast, and then we took a couple of weeks off at the end of the month. In lieu of what could have gone down had we not taken that time off, we’ve included two segments from 2011 in this mini-edition of “Money Shots:”

  • We set up the oft-discussed “bathroom microphone” and Kate unwillingly tests it out for us
  • Kate tells the¬†embarrassing¬†story of how she and Jack started their relationship
  • FROM 2011: During a discussion about terrorism in the United States, Jack proves how terrorism can happen anywhere, anytime… by throwing blunt objects directly at Fro
  • FROM 2011: An MMA fighter-wannabe called us and left a voicemail, so we called back and did an impromptu interview with her, of which Red completely ruined

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